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Christopher Gonzalez
Christopher Gonzalez

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Wow that dog (Hachiko) was the mostly sweetest dog I ever saw. He wasthe best friend to the owner. He was so beautiful dog and very spirit , he made my life so inspiring. He was very very smart pet, so faithfully dog.I cried when it happened about him waiting for his owner for almost 10years. He now is in rainbow bridge now with God. amen. One day we allwill meet him up there in heaven with my sweet wolfina (husky/golden retriever), she was so beautiful pet, we were so happy have her in our lives. I miss my wolfina so much she was15 years old now in rainbow bridge with all the animals with God. I love all the animals that God created.

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I just watched the movie an it stole my heart , i cried! I did some research an read the story an seen some pictures an again it broke my heart. This story will always be with me, rest in peace faithfull one?

This Indenture Witnesseth that Hannah Toby Indian Woman of So. Kingstown in ye. County of Kings County in ye. Colony of Rhode Island &c. Spinster hath put her son Javin Toby, [inserted: a] Molatto of her own free Will & accord an apprentice or servant to John Steadman of South Kingstown aforesd. Yeoman & to Purthaney his Wife their Exetrs. or administrs. after the Manner of an apprentice to serve from ye. Day of ye date hereof for and during ye. Term of fifteen years & five Months Which Will be Compleatd, on ye. Seventh day of June AD: 1763 during all which Term y.e s.d apprentice or sevant his s.d Master & Mistress faithfully shall serve their [servits]. Keep their Lawfull Commands gladly & every Where obey he shall do no damage to his sd. Master & Mistress nor see it done by others - Without giving notice thereof to his sd. Master and Mistress he shall [inserted: not] waste his Masters & Mistresses [inserted: goods] nor lend them unlawfully to any He shall not use any unlawfull Games, nor Contract Matrimony nor Commit Fornication during sd. Term he shall [inserted: not] absent himself either by day or by night Without [strikeout] Leave nor Haunt Taverns ale Houses or [Deay] Houses but in all things behave as a faithfull servent ought to do during sd. Term and [inserted: his] sd. Master & Mistriss their Executors of admrs. On their Part, are to find & provide sufficient apparrel meat Drink Washing & Lodging sutable for such an apprentice during sd. Term & at ye. Expiration thereof to Dismiss him With one new suit of apparrel fitting for his Body besides his usual Wearing Cloaths for Witness whereof the Parties to these Presents have interchangeably set their Hands & seals this Ninth Day of January AD: 1747,& in ye. Twenty first year of his Maj.ties King George ye. 2d. over great Brittain &c King - herSign.d Seal.d & De.d in ye Presence ofHannah X TobySamuel Swift [jus] markeTh: Hazard sor of Rob.t [2] Corn Wallis Aprill yr 1761Know all men by these presents that I John Steadman of Corn Wallis in Kings County in [illegible] [illegible] Do make and acquint my Loving Brother Samuel Steadman my Lawfull attorney that is to say for to act and [Leave] act authority that he shall think Proper With the [sad.] [strikeout] within mentioned [acquints] or aney part that unto Belong in to att in this Case and in No other case what Ever -Signed in the presentsof Us[Ladock Benet] John Steadman[docket 1]Indenture HannahToby to JohnSteadman[docket 2]Kings County [Is] South Kingstown Jany A.D 1747The within Indenture being dulyExamined is approvd. as by usSamuel Swift} Justices of ye PeaceTh.o Hazard}

Demo versions of Vampire Weekend's now-infamous blue CD-R found their way online through blogs like Music for Robots and Good Weather for Airstrikes, beginning on Valentine's Day 2007. Less than a year later, XL Recordings released the album, and already Vampire Weekend and Upper West Side Soweto are working their way into common diction.

If then our common lawe of England bee cleare from those vulgar imputations, which ignorance doth conceaue, & enuy report thereof, if the Profession or science of the lawe bee more noble, more necessary, more meritorious then any other temporall Art or Science: & if the dignity of this profession do accordingly dignifie all the Professors thereof which are qualified with learning and vertue fitt for so worthy a Calling (for such as are ignorant or dishonest, as they are to receiue no grace by the Profession, so the profession is to suffer no disgrace by them) how highly is that person honored, whose true merit hath aduaunced him to the most transcendent place of honor, that can possibly bee attained by that Profession? This is that great place or Office which your Lordship most worthily holdeth (& long may you hold the same) vnder his Maiestie, which though it bee the highest pinnacle of honor, that any secular person of the long Robe can in re or spe aspire to, vnder any Monarch, yet was it giuen vnto your Lordship, nec expetenti, nec expectanti, by the wisest & most renowned Queene that euer raigned in Europe: who leauing her Crowne together with the faithfull seruants thereof vnto the wisest & Iustest King vppon earth, his Maiestie in his infallible Iudgement & wisedome confirmed this honorable Office vnto your Lordship, not onely with a fulnesse of grace to your selse, but with an augmentation of honor to your posterity. For what encrease of honor can the Lord Chauncellor [Page] receaue in his owne person, being that in England which Ioseph was in Egypt, the second person of the Realme in the administration of all Ciuill affaires? being made (as it were) cheefe Steward of his masters house, the cheefe dispenser of his bounty & Iustice, by the deliuery & custodie of the great Seale, which may properly bee called the key of the Kingdome? Being the Sole Iudge of that high Court, which is Sedes misericordie, & therefore exalted aboue all seates of Iustice: where hee hath Potestatem absolutam as well as regulatam in binding & loosing the proceedings of the lawe, & in deciding of causes by the rules of his owne conscience. 041b061a72


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