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Silent Wav File Download

sox is a great online audio editor that will automatically trim out parts you don't want. there is no need to download any special software. just drag-and-drop the files you want to trim from the main window. then simply click trim once, and you're done.

Silent Wav File Download

if you are after a quick and dirty single loop, this is an easy way to do it. simply choose your loop and then run your loops through the effect. you can adjust the settings as you see fit and then once you have trimmed away what you do not want, select the blue button below the waveform and then click the download button. you will see your clip in action and you can view the waveform if you want to see how you have set things up.

now that youve downloaded the files, you can convert them from their native format to a more widely used format. so, you might have a flac file for example, but you want to play it on a windows system or you want to convert it to mp3 so you can play it on an ipod or similar portable device. the first thing youll need to do is convert the file from its native format to a more widely used format.

youll need to have a compatible audio converter that you can use to convert your file into a format that your portable media player will accept. again, if you are going to be playing your file on a portable device, youll want to convert the file to mp3. for example, you might use a third party mp3 converter such as winamp or itunes, but you can also use a program like audacity which will let you convert a file to mp3.

to use the audio converter you want to use, youll have to first figure out what file format your audio files were originally saved in. you can do this by right-clicking on your file and selecting properties. the file properties will show you the file type, bit rate, sampling rate, etc. the sampling rate refers to how many times a second the waveform is sampled. you can use this to work out what bit rate to use when converting the file to a format like mp3. if you want a free audio converter, you can use the program audacity. you can download it by clicking the blue button below.


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