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Christopher Gonzalez

Cricket Direct

Cricket is a passion to us and our shop stocks equipment to appeal to all players, whether 8/9 year olds starting hardball, social cricketers playing every Sunday on the village green or serious league players.

cricket direct

Attitudes towards shopping were different too. The high street was still king, brilliant for those living in towns and cities, but those who were more remote, or overseas, had less access to the best cricket equipment available.

Not to be deterred though, prices were slashed as low as they could go so that when cricket did return all could get involved. Particularly for those looking to start playing the game, or resume playing after time away, the cost of equipment can be off-putting. The fear of spending hundreds of pounds on kit, then performing poorly or not even getting a game is a very real one.

And Cricket Direct were on hand to help, with sales of bowling machines, nets and cricket sets soaring. The dream for every young (or experienced) cricketer is to have the facilities to play at home. With Cricket Direct this dream was possible.

The game has changed immeasurably since 1994 but Cricket Direct have been a constant. Cricket may have evolved but they are evolving with it and they must be doing something right, as cricketers of all ages and standards keep coming back for more.

England resumed with their overnight score of 506 for four and added 151 runs in 125 minutes. Harry Brook showcased why he is the next big thing in English cricket posting a fine 153 that came off just 116 deliveries with 19 fours and five sixes.

We witnessed a crazy opening day of the first Test match as records tumbled. This is the new brand of cricket that England want to play. Ruthless and fearless and when they do, the opposition is left with very little to do.

Amidst Stokes brilliance, the contributions of Sam Curran were almost forgotten. But the adjudicators rightly named him Man of the Match. His four overs claimed three wickets and Pakistan managed only 12 runs. There was no getting away from Curran, the son of former Zimbabwe cricketer Kevin. He was on the money never erring in line while his lengths were impeccable and impossible to put away. Curran is a small man, but he has a big heart. He bowls during Power Plays, comes over during death overs and puts his arm up when the captain needs a wicket.

Something that is bound to happen in T-20 cricket are upsets and in this edition we saw two times champion West Indies bowing out without reaching the second round, England losing to Ireland, South Africa going down to Netherlands and Pakistan suffering a shock defeats to Zimbabwe.

Pakistan also gives you some exciting moments beyond the cricket field. The Sri Lankan team bus was shot at during their tour of 2009. The ground was cordoned off as the injured players were treated by medical staff before being airlifted to an airbase. Nobody was allowed in. Usually, the Sri Lankan passport is not well recognized around the world. But for once, when you went up to the elite forces guarding the ground and showed them your passport and said you are from Sri Lanka, you were allowed to go in. Then from there on, all the news organizations around the world be it BBC, CNN, SKY, NDTV, Reuters, they all depended on what you are saying from the ground.

This time of year is always an exciting time in the world of cricket, as most of you know it is the beginning of a brand new year of cricket gear. With cricket enthusiasts eager to find out what is new in the market and what the new range has to offer. This coming year is sure to be an exciting one, with the ICC cricket world cup around the corner, everyone will be hoping for an exciting summer of cricket. So we share with you what you can expect form Gray Nicolls this year. A staple brand of cricket, with years of experience and innovation, it appears Gray Nicolls is set to impress again.

Along with this, the usual favourites such as the Pro performance, Players and Select are still available and as ever provide you with effortless style and confidence at the crease. These timeless pieces will ignite your passion for the game, of cricket and you will doubtlessly feel the performance offered by these carefully selected pieces of willow, each sculpted to offer perfectly timed shots and compliment the player seamlessly.

Behavioral experiments with crickets show that female crickets respond to male calling songs with syllable rates within a certain bandwidth only. We have made a robot model in which we implement a simple neural controller that is less complex than the controllers traditionally hypothesized for cricket phonotaxis and syllable rate preference. The simple controller, which had been successfully used with a slowed and simplified signal, is here demonstrated to function, using songs with identical parameters to those found in real male cricket song, using an analog electronic model of the peripheral auditory morphology of the female cricket as the sensor. We put the robot under the same experimental conditions as the female crickets, and it responds with phonotaxis to calling songs of real male Gryllus bimaculatus. Further, the robot only responds to songs with syllable rates within a bandwidth similar to the bandwidth found for crickets. By making polar plots of the heading direction of the robot, we obtain behavioral data that can be used in statistical analyses. These analyses show that there are statistically significant differences between the behavioral responses to calling songs with syllable rates within the bandwidth and calling songs with syllable rates outside the bandwidth. This gives the verification that the simple neural control mechanism (together with morphological auditory matched filtering) can account for the syllable rate preference found in female crickets. With our robot system, we can now systematically explore the mechanisms controlling recognition and choice behavior in the female cricket by experimental replication.

Discussions about the evolution of female mating preferences have often suggested that females should express multiple strong preferences when different male traits are correlated with different mating benefits, yet few studies have directly tested this hypothesis by comparing the strength of female preferences for male traits known to be correlated with different benefits. In the variable field cricket, Gryllus lineaticeps, females receive fecundity and fertility benefits from mating with males with higher chirp rates and life-span benefits from mating with males with longer chirp durations. Although females prefer higher chirp rates and longer chirp durations when the other trait is held constant, it is possible that they give priority to one of these song traits when both vary. In this study, we examined the relative importance of chirp rate and chirp duration in female mate choice using single-stimulus presentations of songs that varied in both chirp rate and chirp duration. Females expressed both directional and stabilizing preferences based on chirp rate, responding most strongly to a chirp rate approximately one standard deviation above the population mean. Females did not express preferences based on chirp duration, and did not express correlational preferences. These results suggest that females may give priority to the reproductive benefits provided by males that produce higher chirp rates.

India received $2 billion foreign direct investment in January, showing an annual growth of 92 per cent and taking cumulative inflows to $26.19 billion for April-January period of the current fiscal. In January 2011, the country received foreign direct investment (FDI) worth $1.04 billion.

However, despite the numerous advantages, consumers, particularly in the Western sphere, retain an unfavourable disposition towards culinary options that are not traditionally considered to be food, since dietary choice usually takes place within a range of familiar foods. For this reason, the consumption of insects could be promoted by producing a variety of products which differ from the whole insects, including more versatile and acceptable commodities, such as cricket powder [12].

Particle size distribution was determined using dynamic light scattering (Mastersizer 3000E granulometer, Malvern Instruments, Milan, Italy). A suspension of SD crickets was prepared in isopropanol and particle size parameters were obtained.

SEM micrographs (top part) and particle size parameters (bottom part) of SD crickets. The Shapiro-Wilk tests did not show a significance departure from the normality (p

The thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) curve of SD crickets is reported in Figure 3 (top panel). The TGA profile of SD crickets highlights a degradation in four stages. The first stage of the decomposition process shows the loss of free and loosely-bound water up to 180 C (weight loss of 3.6%). The second stage of weight loss is from 180 C to 310 C (equal to 3.8%), followed by a third relevant stage from 310 C to 520 C, in which proteins and carbohydrates volatilize (weight loss of 52.4%), and finally the degradation of the resultant residues (weight loss of 36.4%).

In addition, the antioxidant activity might also be related to the high level of proteins in crickets. It has been reported that proteins possess the capability to inhibit oxidation reactions, acting as antioxidant agents due to their capability to donate protons, chelate metal ions, and eliminate radicals [27]. These properties are principally enhanced with the presence of low molecular weight peptides having a higher level of amino acids available to interact with free radicals [28].

The SEM characterization demonstrates that the powder is composed of particles with microdimensions and rough surfaces, made up of conglomerates of smaller dimensions. Moreover, the dimensional analysis evidences a narrow size distribution with a mean diameter of 22 µm that should enhance palatability, and consequently the compliance of the final consumer. The solid state characterization highlights the presence of lipids, proteins and chitin. The amount of chitin was also evaluated, since it is a bioactive polysaccharide characterized by remarkable antioxidant and antimicrobial activities. SD cricket powder has an average chitin content of 32.80 7.32 g/kg. This could contribute to a wide range of applications across a number of fields, including protection against inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. 041b061a72


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