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Dinner Party Idea 2021

What if your TikTok account were basically a dinner party for 3 million guests? Joanne Lee Molinaro, a.k.a. the Korean Vegan, writes about how hosting dinner parties led to her TikTok stardom.

Dinner Party Idea

This typical Spanish seafood dish (think paella with short, noodle-like pasta instead of rice) is packed with king prawns, chicken and mussels as well as smoked paprika for that authentic taste. It may take a little more effort to cook and source the ingredients, but you'll be wowing at the dinner table by the end of the night.

Try this tender pork belly dish from London's Mortimer House restaurant, featuring crisp crackling, roasties, pan-fried purple sprouting broccoli and fresh salsa verde, for your next dinner party main.

Check out chef Louis Korovilas's melt-in-the-mouth pappardelle with indulgent lamb ragu. This easy yet impressive recipe comes from Italian restaurant Bancone in Covent Garden, and careful slow cooking will ensure that beautifully tender meat takes your guests by surprise. For more pasta-based dinner party treats, check out our posh pasta guide here...

This easy recipe for romana courgettes with a sweet and spicy agrodolce sauce is perfect for a vegetarian or vegan dinner party. Serve with cous cous or roast potatoes for a filling main course, with not a scrap of meat in sight.

Check out our succulent seasonal lamb recipe, complete with homemade yeast butter. A perfect recipe for that dinner party main, the hummus makes a delicious alternative to mash or roast potatoes and fresh asparagus tops everything off for the dream springtime feast.

Wow your guests with this impressive whole John Dory recipe with indulgent creamy dauphinoise potatoes. This easy white fish dish is simple to make and perfect for a satisfying Saturday night dinner. It'll look so good that nobody will want to dig in to the first helping!

Everyone has their go-to dinner party recipes; dishes that are almost guaranteed faultless execution. If you are in need of new inspiration, however, then this fantastic collection of dinner party ideas will ensure that you're never stuck when entertaining guests.

Pasta is the ultimate simple dinner party dish but this recipe is pepped up with juicy prawns and punchy garlic. With just five ingredients and a 17-minute prep and cooking time, this is perfect just accompanied by a crisp glass of white wine.

This rich tasting recipe is easy to make (around 20 minutes) and looks incredibly striking on a dinner plate - especially in summer for those al-fresco occasions, surrounded by the sun and good company. The pepperyness of the mackerel contrasts beautifully with the warming and creamy potato salad.

Salmon en croute is a sure crowd pleaser when it comes to a dinner party main. The lightness of the salmon which has hints of lemongrass, coriander and chilli in this recipe - is mixed with a hearty pastry case. There is also plenty of choice when it comes to sides. A simple salad, roast vegetables or sweet potato mash - the choice is yours.

This bright and zingy dish is full of Middle Eastern flavour and is bound to impress your dinner guests. The succulent lamb is perfectly complimented by the giant couscous salad and the whole dish is healthy and easy to make.

Jamie Oliver is someone who knows how to make an occasion out of dinner. Bursting with flavour, this recipe is the marriage of tender rosemary chicken, a side of fresh peas and creamy, herbed potato gratin. Try displaying this recipe like Jamie, on a wooden board and with plenty of drama and finesse. You won't have to worry about impressing guests.

Creative fundraising ideas can help you get the ball rolling on longer-term initiatives, overcome a mid-campaign slump, or quickly collect resources in response to an unexpected emergency. The effectiveness of your ideas depends on how well they engage donors, maximize participation, motivate immediate action, and inspire donors to give again.

Partner with a local gym to get this fundraising event idea up and running (pun intended). Ask supporters and community members to sign up for a time slot (minimum of 15 minutes) and collect pledges of specific gift amounts per mile that their team completes.

Ask local businesses to donate breakfast staples like muffins, fruit, bagels, and coffee for this easy fundraising idea. Next, have supporters and their networks place orders. Enlist volunteers to deliver the goods and encourage tips in the form of donations.

Invite your supporters to an elegant evening of dinner, drinks, live entertainment, and ample fundraising opportunities to recognize the success of your organization and help attendees better understand your impact.

Invite supporters to dig out their family recipe books for a community potluck. This cheap fundraising idea is accessible to donors who might not be able to afford a ticket to your annual gala or other large fundraisers, but still want to get involved with your cause. Encourage donors to buy a ticket through your event page, then simply show up with an appetite and their favorite meal, dessert, or drink in hand.

This fundraising event idea is perfect for families and children. Ask your community and local businesses to donate supplies and help you get the word out. Charge per scoop or set a flat ticket fee for an all-you-can-eat option.

While getting an adult to sit in the tank might take a little convincing, this fundraising idea is an engaging weekend activity sure to leave everyone laughing. Identify volunteers, donors, partners, or board members willing to take a shift in the dunk tank, and sell tickets to those interested in sending them for a swim.

This idea is for all the live music junkies out there. Partner with a local venue and recruit artists to participate in your show. Performers can create fundraising pages leading up to the event so that fans, friends, and family can donate, even if they cannot attend.

These super cute deviled eggs make the perfect fall dinner party appetizer. A simple flick of the fork makes the pumpkin ridges, and cornichons make the stems. But it's the smoked paprika (our new favorite spice) that make them irresistible.

This fresh, easy-as-ever salad is bound to be a regular in your fall dinner menu rotation. Chopped apple, hazelnuts, and Pecorino cheese make it a winner. Pro tip: Serve it family-style for maximum simplicity.

Comforting, homey, and simple, this sweet potato dish makes for an excellent side at any fall dinner party. It also works beautifully in your work lunchbox the next day...but that's assuming you have leftovers.

Comfort food is always welcome at any fall gathering, but this lasagna is an ideal dinner party addition for another reason. You don't have to worry about plating it beautifully, because your guests will be serving themselves straight from the pan.

Based on the information gathered above, plan your menu. Most elaborate Indian dinners include three courses- Appetizers/Drinks, Entree and Dessert. This is what my typical menu looks like:

Elaborate & filling appetizers are pretty common in Indian parties since dinner is often served later than usual. Here are some appetizers that are most enjoyed by my family and friends, and are a breeze to put together:

Rice pairs really well with most Indian dinner recipes. Instead of serving just plain basmati rice, I like to serve a slightly dressed-up dish like cumin rice or saffron rice. You can also serve a biryani, which serves almost as an additional entree.

Depending on the occasion and type of party you are hosting, you can serve a classic Indian dessert like halwa, along with Indian flavored ice cream, like Paan, or Kesar Pista. If it's a Diwali or Holi party, you can also serve sweet meals like burfi, ladoo, or gujiya.

Most Indian appetizers are served with fresh Cilantro Chutney. And nearly all Indian dinners are served with pickle, and a yogurt side dish, called Raita. Yogurt adds a cooling contrast to the spicy curries. Here are some simple and easy recipes for popular sides and condiments:

Here are some tips and a rough timeline that work for me when hosting a Diwali party or any elaborate Indian dinner party. Using this plan and timeline, I am able to stay on top of things and enjoy the party without any stress.

Really great stuff you shared about the Dinner party menu. In the Indian appetizer, I like Paneer Tikka and in the 7th number, I like Rice and Biryani. It's very delicious and BestDinner Ideas. Thanks for sharing this beautiful information. keep it up!

Glitter is the name of the game for this party theme. Have your friends come in their favorite silver ensembles, gift everyone silver necklaces and hats to wear and hang silver streamers around your space.

Looking for easy menu ideas for the upcoming Indian dinner party? Here I am sharing a variety of dishes to impress your guests including appetizers, entrees, and desserts, and sample menu's to include in your next party, be it Diwali, birthday, or just an Indian-themed dinner.

Planning an Indian dinner party menu might seem daunting at first, but really it is not that hard. I get this question many times on instagram for what to include in a dinner party menu, and how to plan for it.

At Indian dinner parties, you will often find North India food. Here I am including recipes for a complete 3 course meal with starters, entrees, desserts, plus drinks, along with sample vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu.

Include 1-2 desserts in your dinner menu. If it is an occasion such as Diwali or Holi, you might want to include some sweets such as besan ladoo, or gujiya. For a birthday menu, you can just include 1 dessert, as there is also cake at the party.

I had recently done a party with 15 adults and 14 kids for my daughters birthday. So I wanted to share the quantities of food I made for it. It worked pretty well. There were some leftovers, but that is reasonable as you don't want food to completely finish at a party.


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