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Christopher Gonzalez
Christopher Gonzalez

Mass Effect Tali Unmasked

Shepard tells her to get some rest, leaving her slumped in the bathroom. Shepard occasionally hears bits of her babblings whenever they're passing by the room. Her ramblings include the following: "It just smells like sweat. Why would you even ask that?", "No, that gets broken down with mass effect fields. Those are just my hips..." , "Don't do that in my helmet. It just gunks up the filters." , "Go for the optics, Chatika..." , "Mmm, Shepard, you know I'm ticklish..." (if she's in a relationship with Shepard) , "Garrus? But you're with Shepard! Oh, the three of us? Well, hmm..." (if Garrus is in a relationship with Shepard) , "Oh, Mr. Vakarian, I could use some help with my suit seals..." (if Shepard is in a relationship with neither)

Mass Effect Tali Unmasked

In the original Mass Effect 3, Tali's face caused consternation among fans who were disappointed that the picture was a simple edit of a real woman's stock photo. However, Reddit user Maxgoods has posted an image on the r/masseffect subreddit that shows Tali's new and improved portrait in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Unlike the original picture, Tali's face in the remaster doesn't appear to be a simple stock photo. Below is the image of Tali's original face in ME 3, as well as Maxgoods' post of her new photo in ME Legendary Edition.

4- Authorization / permissions:Modding :You can mod this DLC, however some simple rules should be respected:If you make minor changes (fix some bug or just change eyes color etc ..) you can not create your own nexus page and dump all my files on it.If want to mod and share your own modification of Tali Remastered, please contact me and I will add your mod in the downloadable section of this topic.Your name will be added in the credits on this page as contributor of Tali Remastered.If you make huge changes, for example you add 5 hours of new quests in ME3 or you build mass effect 4 alone in your room... of course, you should be able to upload your own mod with Tali Remastered included in... but please contact me before.Stream/ Let's play :If you are a Streamer and you want to do a let's play with Tali Remastered, you can play without problem, I will just ask you to mention Getorex ,Creative machinima and Sumirehaikuxna in your credits (or somewhere in the description of your videos.)


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